PG Plaza Optometrists in LensCrafters
PG Plaza Optometrists in LensCrafters
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We will Strive to Serve You in a Timely Fashion and a Friendly Setting.


By Listening to Your Concerns and Putting Your Needs first, We will help You as a Part of Our Family to Make the Best Decisions for Your Visual Health.

Whether you're looking for new stylish glasses or want to get an eye examination and fitting to wear contact lenses or treat your DRY EYE, the Prince Georges Plaza LensCrafters in Hyattsville is the place to go! With their experienced, friendly staff and our comprehensive eye care services available - we've got you covered.   





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Glasses that Suit You!

Whether you are looking for elegant, stylish or sporty, you'll always find the perfect glasses at LensCrafters.  They carry a wide selection of high-quality frames.


High fashion optical frames

Contact Lenses for Every Occasion

Ready to switch from glasses occasionally? We would be happy to personally advise you in selecting contact lenses. There are many different types of lenses and we will help find the best one for your needs and active lifestyle.  There are now contact lenses designed to control and help slow down the progression of your myopia (nearsightedness).


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